Tutorial - How to Make a Pincushion with a Jar Lid

Bonus ~ fill the jar with sewing goodies (ie buttons)

Pin Cushion Tutorial at Muse of the Morning Blog

"I am so in love with these pincushions! They are very simple- I like to cut out a bunch of the circles and strips at one time and put them together and then do the embroidery part while watching Sabine play in the park. They are really a lot of fun. And coordinating the embroidery to the fabric is fun too.  Of course, its lovely to recycle the lid and you can also do this with a 2 liter bottle- or really any size bottle cap. Just measure the top part out accordingly- the diameter of the circle should be about 3 times the diameter of the bottle cap. For 2 liter bottles, you can also use wool felt for the top part too".... Read more

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