Tutorial - How to Make Bread Pudding with Cherry Sauce

Eat it warmed up, or cold from the refrigerator

Bread Pudding Tutorial at Craft Cravings Blog

"When I was a little girl, my grandmother use to make bread pudding from time to time. It wasn’t fancy. It had raisins, cinnamon and bread, but it was delicious. Recently, I found myself craving this dessert again. I saw a lot of recipes online that seemed like they could be it, but had one “weird” ingredient or another. I took parts of various recipes until I got it the way I remembered it. I didn’t use raisins this time, but that’s because I added the cherry sauce. The hubster had purchased fresh cherries for me when I made my disastrous Coke Salad, and I was determined to make something with them. Oddly enough, I had never cooked with fresh cherries before this. I was happy with how the sauce turned out too. It was thick, but not overly so and the cherries tasted amazing, warmed up and drizzled over the bread pudding. Drooling yet".... Read more

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